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Phil Avlez - Headshot

"I can't recommend Michael highly enough for anyone who wants a simple, efficient, and actionable online marketing plan.

"One hour that I spent with Michael learning about online marketing saved me 10-20 hours of trying to figure it out on my own and still likely not getting it the first time around."

Phile Alvez, CEO DevSquad

Dale Darling - Headshot

"Michael separates himself from other 'experts' in his ability to apply logic and data to his decision-making process. I might add that Michael was doing this long before it became fashionable...

...[he is] in the top 1% of those thousands of media 'experts' I have worked with in my 34 years in the industry."

Dale Darling, EVP Deseret Digital Media

H. Le Spencer - Headshot

His experience with SEO and other types of online business gives him a totally different perspective of online marketing and what it takes to succeed with lead generation."

"Because of Michael's experience with online marketing and the time he spent at a law firm, he has helped me move forward in my business.

Harold LeRoy, President of Let's Do Something Productions


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