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What Do You Want?

If you don't know what you want in life then you'll never get it.  Few people stop and ask themselves that question and very few people actually get what they want in life.  This planner solves that.

The Big Domino

90% of our time is spent on stuff that doesn't really matter. This planner solves that and forces you to FINALLY get serious about what moves the needle and then focus on that relentlessly until you get the results you desire.


Focus on Production

Would you rather "stay busy" or get what you want in life?  Normal "to do" lists allow other people to plan your life.  This planner solves that by getting rid of distractions that do not move you towards getting what you want.  It's okay to tell other people "no."

The Core 4

Does this sound like success to you: 1. You're rich but your family hates you. 2. You're healthy but you can't pay the bills. 3. You're spiritually on fire but one cheeseburger away from an early grave. This planner solves that by finally enabling you to achieve "balance" in the core 4 areas of your life: Health, Wealth & Relationships with God & Family.

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Goals, Goals, GOALS!!!

We all know that goals are important.  But are your goals actually helping you get what you want in life?  Better question - Do you even have goals?  Can you tell me right now what they are?  This planner solves that by constantly keeping your goals at the core of your daily production.

Millionaire Math

The wealthy have what they have because they did things differently than everyone else.  Math is no different.  When confronted with a challenge "Millionaire Math" helps you reverse engineer an outcome to help you to get what you want - be it making money or getting somewhere on time.


Move Forward Every. Single. Day.

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and said "Did I do anything today that mattered or got me closer to what I want?"  This planner solves that by eliminating activities that occupy your calendar but do not move you towards getting what you want.

Get 5 Days of Results in 1 Day

Breaking a normal day into five 3-hour blocks allows you to optimize your daily schedule to work for you rather than against you.  Were you on fire from 9 to Noon but not from 3 - 6?  You didn't blow the whole day.  Just do better tomorrow.

What's Measured Gets Improved.

There are 5 key performance indicators that determine your daily results.  And there is one "Big Domino" metric that controls all 5 of them.  Most people don't know why their day bombed.  This planner solves that by targeting your problem areas so you can fix them without feeling guilty all the time.

Finally Get The Results You Want

If you're frustrated and disappointed with the life you've got right now it doesn't have to be that way forever.  This planner solves that by not only helping you make a plan but also to make & live a plan that will actually help you get what you want in any area of life. 

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